Selected publications

Simeone, L., Secundo, G., & Schiuma, G. (2018). Arts and design as translational mechanisms for academic entrepreneurship: The metaLAB at Harvard case study. Journal of Business Research, Vol. 85, April 2018, pp. 434-443. Download a free PDF version here:

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Simeone, L. (2016) Design Moves: Translational Processes and Academic Entrepreneurship in Design Labs. Doctoral dissertation, Malmö University. Download a free PDF version here.

Simeone, L. (2015). Missing intentionality: the limitations of social media analysis for participatory urban design, in Eric Gordon and Paul Mihailidis (Eds) Civic Media Project, Cambridge, MA, MIT Press,

Ciuccarelli, P., Lupi, G., Simeone, L. (2014) Visualizing the Data City. Milan, Heidelberg, New York, Dordrecht, London, Springer. ISBN: 978-3-319-02194-2

Simeone, L., Iaconesi, S. (2011) Anthropological conversations: augmented reality enhanced artifacts to foster education in cultural anthropology. Proceedings of IEEE ICALT, Athens GA (USA), 6-8 July 2011. Download a free PDF version here.

Simeone, L., Iaconesi, S. (2010) Toys++: Augmented reality embodied agents as tools to learn by building. Proceedings of IEEE ICALT, Sousse (Tunisia), 5-7 July 2010. Download a free PDF version here.


You can find a complete list of my publications in my academic CV.